Music Videos For $500 or MV500 is a collective of directors, editors, cinematographers and film makers providing quality music video production of performance based music videos for $500.00 usd.

What is a performance based music video?

A performance based music video is usually shot at 1 or 2 locations mainly focusing on the artist performing the song.


What are the details of this service?

1. filming  

2. editing

3. directing

4. up to 5 hour shoot

5. turnaround time for edit up to 2 weeks

6. $150.00 usd. per additional hour.


The best way to maximize your music video shoot wether low budget or big budget is to organize your shoot in preparing a written out plan on what, when, where and how it is going to be executed.

That is basically what a treatment is your best effort in defining your project, presenting a clear synopsis of your story, developing your production and organizing its purpose.

By taking the time before the actual shoot date in preparing a treatment for the music video everyone involved will have a clearer understanding and purpose of their role in the shoot.

Take advantage of preparing it will cost you time but in the long run strengthen the production value and creativity of your final product.

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Tips on getting the most out of your shoot 

• Shoot at a dope and unique location

• Practice performing song in mirror

• Know all of your lyrics and ad libs

• Repeat the same movements and gestures on each take

• Wear distinct clothing and or costume

• Bring props that bring out concept of song

• Invite energetic and supportive people and other artists to participate or have a cameo in the shoot.